An AGA has an extremely long life and many are still going strong after 50 years or more, however if you want to upgrade your cooker then we have various options for you to consider.

Trade in you old AGA Range Cooker

If the work and mess of solid fuel is becoming a bit too much hassle, a new heating boiler means the hot water needs to be taken off the AGA, maybe the extra capacity of a three or four oven AGA would add to your cooking experience? Does a new kitchen mean the AGA has to move and there’s no flue in the new positon? If any of these apply to you then could be worth considering trading in your old cooker for a new one.

What we offer

We offer a trade-in allowance for some old AGAs against the purchase of a new one (some are worth more than others so it’s best to ring for more details). The old cooker can then be recycled and your new one fitted in its place.

When you change an AGA it’s important to remember that rules, regulations and general requirements change over the years. For this reason we always come and carry out a home survey and prepare a detailed quotation and specification for any work that may be required.

Please give us a call or fill out an information request if you would like to find out more, or to book a home survey.

Converted AGAs

If your AGA started out as a solid fuel model, and then has been converted to run on gas, or oil, you will probably find it burns more fuel than a proper gas or oil AGA.

Another trait of ‘conversions’ is for the bottom oven (simmering on a two oven, or baking on a four oven) to be much cooler than it should be, making cooking to the AGA cookbook’s instructions rather tricky. This is because the cast iron parts in solid fuel AGAs are not quite identical to the oil and gas ones, so the heat doesn’t get to where it should be in the correct proportions.

Conversion kits aren’t made by AGA, so aren’t covered by their warranty and once one’s been fitted it’s not normally possible to put the cooker back to the original fuel, however, you can trade-in your converted AGA: we can still recycle the old cooker and install a new one in its place.