AGA City60 Contemporary

The AGA City60 couldn’t be easier to use. With one control knob for the hotplates and another for the ovens, the cooker has been designed with simplicity in mind. The AGA City60’s roasting/baking oven can be programmed and can have up to three events programmed per day*. They operate using a timer similar to that used for controlling a central heating programmer. This means the oven can be timed to come on and ready to cook when you are.


  • Just 60cm wide
  • Two ovens
  • The top oven can be switched between baking and roasting settings
  • The bottom oven is for simmering
  • The hotplate can be set either to simmering or boiling
  • When in boiling setting, the surrounding top plate can be used as an additional area for simmering
  • When the hotplate is in simmering setting, this outer area can be used as a warming plate, for example to melt chocolate or soften butter
  • Uniquely and usefully, the top plate is made up of two cast-iron half-moon pieces, which can be removed and put in the dishwasher
  • The ovens will take one hour to heat up and the hotplate eight to 11 minutes
  • Available in two design styles – traditional and contemporary and in 14 beautfiul colours, including the new Rose and Lemon
  • All new AGA heat-storage range cookers come with a five-year parts and one-year labour warranty

The contemporary design style

  • Low profile lid
  • New AGA badge
  • Streamlined chrome fascia details (no handrail on this style)
  • Mounted on wheels for ease of installation

Available in:


How the hotplates work

The hotplate operates using a powerful heating element and can be set to either boiling or simmering setting. Around the outside of the actual hotplate is a further useable cooking area. This area can be used to simmer on when the hotplate is set to boil, and as a warming plate when the hotplate is in simmering setting. When set to boiling setting the hotplate reaches temperature in around 11 minutes from cold, while the simmering setting reaches temperature in around 8 minutes. Hotplate settings: Off, Simmer and Boil.

How the ovens work

Using the control knob on the far left of the top plate, the top oven can be set to roasting, baking or the off setting. The roasting and baking settings can be achieved from cold in around one hour. The lower simmering oven can also be up to full temperature in around one hour. The baking setting will provide a ‘warm to touch’ feel. Oven settings: Off, Roast, Roast & Simmer, Simmer, Bake & Simmer and Bake.
Boiling/Simmering plate – The boiling plate will rapidly bring water to boil for that quick pasta supper. The simmering plate heat is gentle for delicate sauces and heating milk.

Baking oven – A moderate oven for baking cakes and biscuits cooking fish, lasagne or a shepherd’s pie. And cooking sweet and savoury dishes together is no problem as the flavours do not mix.

Roasting oven – The roasting oven grills, roasts and bakes bread beautifully.

Simmering oven – The simmering oven is ideal for slow cooking, allowing flavours to develop and making even the toughest meats tender.

UK Patent Application No 1411723.8 and EU Registered Design Applied for 002544346


To allow an additional degree of control over the City60, there is an optional extra 7 day programmer available to enable you to programme the City60 cooker to turn on and be ready to use when required. The programmer functions as a ‘pre-heater timer’ controlling the top oven only.


‘Line of Text’ display, providing text feedback that gives help and programming hints

Large backlit display

Factory set clock and date

Automatic Summer/Winter 1 hour time change

Temporary or permanent override facilitiesundefined

Extra hour facility for up to 3 hours boost or programme extension

Choice of 3 different built in programmes

Programme indicator lights

Any programmed settings retained indefinitely in non volatile memory

Up to 3 on/off times per day

‘Holiday’ button

“On when you need it, off when you don’t”

Since the launch of the AGA Total Control in 2011, there have been electric AGA cookers that can be ‘on when you need them and off when you don’t’. The AGA City60 is the latest addition to the collection of new-generation AGA cookers. The technology used means you are only using energy when you need it, while also enjoying all the benefits of radiant heat cooking.

As the AGA City60’s hotplates and ovens can be turned off by the control knob you are reducing the amount of energy used, providing further potential energy savings.


Depth excluding handles – 620mm

Height – 910mm

Width – 600mm


Weight – 223kg

Fuel Type

Fuel Type – Electric

Cooker Details

Boiling Plate – Yes

Flue Type – In room venting flue – electric

Number of Ovens – 2

Simmering Plate – Yes

Simmering Oven

Simmering Oven Depth – 455mm

Simmering Oven Height – 254mm

Simmering Oven Width – 349mm

Roasting/Baking Oven

Roasting/Baking Oven Depth – 455mm

Roasting/Baking Oven Height – 254mm

Roasting/Baking Oven Width – 349mm

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