As simple as a range cooker is there are still plenty of things you might want to know.

Rayburn Range Cooker FAQS

Is it the same as an AGA?

No. It’s not the same but it is very similar.

The AGA has one heat source and its internal cast iron components are put together so heat is conducted or radiated to the ovens and hot-plates in the correct proportions – this way everything is at the correct temperature all the time.

The Everhot does things slightly differently – it has individual elements under each oven and hot-plate which then warm the individual components to the correct temperature.

The advantage of the Everhot is that if you don’t want all the ovens on together you don’t have to have them on – you can have one oven and one hot-plate, or just one hot-plate, or whatever suits your needs best at the time.

How do I grill in the Everhot?

There is a separately controllable grill element in the top oven (the 120 and 150 models have two grills, one in each of the top ovens).

What will it cost to run?

The average weekly fuel consumption for the 60, 90 and 100 models is 100 units. At an average cost of 8-10p per unit (the best we could find on currently) this means £8.00 to £10.00 per week.

You can save an average of 15% by using the ‘ECO’ program so reducing costs to £6.80 to £8.50 per week.

(This is just less than half the cost of a 13amp electric AGA.)

What is the 'ECO' function?

The control panel on an Everhot has controls and temperature settings for all cooking zones on the cooker, you either set them to a constant level, or tweak up or down to suit your cooking needs.

ECO control allows you to choose a second set of temperatures that your Everhot will revert to when in ECO mode.

Normally this would be after you’ve finished cooking in the evening, you won’t need the cooker again until breakfast so you set it to a lower heat until it comes on again for breakfast the next day.

You can also have a second ECO period during the day if you’re going to be out (or for summer when you don’t want much warmth in the kitchen).

Is ECO for Everhot what AIMS is to AGA?

Again, similar but not the same!

Both ECO (Everhot) and AIMS (AGA) allow two periods of normal cooking per day and every day can be different with each week the same.

AIMS for the AGA you don’t need to allow a warm-up time when programming – this is all taken care of by the ‘intelligent’ part of the program. With ECO for the Everhot you DO need to allow warm-up time.

Do I still get individual control over each oven with ECO?

Yes, the only difference is that you can’t use the grill when in ECO mode. Funnily enough there is even the flexibility to have the ovens and hot-plates (or any combination of them) at whatever temperature you like in ECO mode.

(ECO mode has a special function [particularly useful if you have your own power supply] that will limit the maximum power draw by the cooker to 2KW. So if more than two elements need heat, it will divert power in a ‘queue’ system to heat the cooker up without overloading a limited supply. The grill has a 2.5KW load so can’t be switched on when in ECO mode.)

Will it warm the kitchen the same as an AGA would?

No – it’s about half that of an AGA (which is also reflected in the fuel consumption, which is also about half that of an AGA).

An AGA has an average output to the room of about 1KW (roughly the same as 1 bar on an old fashioned electric heater), and the Everhot has an average output of about 0.5KW.

How long is the warranty?

2 years, parts and labour on all of the cooker. The elements have a 5 year parts and labour warranty. (Repairs, should they be needed, are carried out by specialist engineers from the factory.)

How often does it need servicing?

There is no regular maintenance or servicing to arrange or pay for. (Repairs, should they be needed, are carried out by specialist engineers from the factory.)

What sort of electricity supply do I need?

For the Everhot 60, 90 and 100s/100g models – just a 13amp socket outlet.

For the Everhot 100i (100 model with induction hob), 120 and 150 models – two 13amp socket outlets (this must be two separate single sockets rather than one double socket outlet).

Do they make a gas Everhot?

No – running on electricity means no flue and the best controllability so all Everhots are electric.

If I move house can the cooker come too?

Yes, if you like your cooker can be moved to your new house. Please contact us if you’d like pricing information for this.

Do I need an extractor fan?

Yes, we would strongly recommend it. The cooking smells (like all conventional cookers) come in to the room so putting an extractor over the cooker will help get rid of them and any moisture produced when cooking. (Do remember that a recirculating extractor doesn’t get rid of any moisture, and only filters the smells if you change the charcoal/carbon filter regularly.)

Does it have a flue?

No – there’s no flue or pipe to outside from the cooker itself. (We do recommend fitting an extractor over the cooker though.)

Will I get cooking smells in the kitchen?

Since there’s no direct vent or extraction from the cooker itself, then yes you will so it’s best to fit an extractor over the Everhot.

What sort of pans do I need?

Good quality pans with a flat base are essential for use on the cast iron hot-plates. If you’re going to do your vegetables in the oven (the AGA way) then pans with flat topped lids are handy so you can stack them on top of each other to make best use of the space.

If you choose the induction hob it is VITAL that you have the correct pans. The ONLY pans that will work with an induction hob are ones where a magnet will stick to the base of the pan.

Are the ovens the same size as an AGA?

No – Everhot ovens are slightly bigger than an AGA’s.

Do AGA trays fit in the Everhot?

Only when you put them on the Everhot’s oven shelf – the Everhot ovens are bigger than an AGA’s.

Can I cook on the floor of the oven like the AGA?

It’s not really recommended – the heat is less even because the element is directly under the oven floor. It’s best to use the shelf in its lowest position.

How long does it take the Everhot to warm up?

Hot-plates take about 20 minutes, top oven about 90 minutes, bottom oven about 60 minutes and the grill about 2 minutes. If you want to quickly warm the top oven then put the grill on for 20 minutes and it’ll then be at roasting temperature, turn the grill off and use the normal top oven element to maintain an even heat for cooking.